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A carboonhydrate is the biggest group to choose most of our daily life. It is the All is well   big source of energy .it contains vitamins and calcium

Vegetable are very good for us and a lot of different one around us. Vitamins Minerals. Carbohydrates fiber.


. Fruit.

there are different type of fruits ,including canned and dried, so it is pretty easy to eat plenty  these aregrap apples  banana oranges .fruits are contain high level protein  vitamins and fiber  ,carbohydrates  minerals we must to need to eat  one apple in a day.


Milk, Yoghurt and cheese

This type of things are pretty important for growing kids milk is very important for the children  growing                                                                                                                     

MEAT and egg

These type of things high protein .these are very important to keep healthy  these things gives us protein iron vitamins mineral


Fats and oil


Fats and are in the healthy food circle. but these are very important for the growth for us.

Oil andr butter is to make cakes and other types cookies’these cakes very important part of human life.





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