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Your foot are very important. You are on them all day . But even if we often , many people take foot care for granted. Therefore, when it comes to proper care , most people are reactive rather than proactive care for them . And the truth is that the care of the feet can also lead to a number of other problems with your body, such as back problems , spine and neck .

After the long wait , finally the season in a good mood , was green and expansion . Monsoon is commonly referred to as wet, moist and sticky is also the breeding ground for fungi, bacteria and other diseases of the feet . To make matters worse , we tend to use these dirty shoes all day, come up with smelly feet and dirty at home at night. Foot care in the background compared to other beauty treatments. Unfortunately, little attention tense and developed part - feet. Read some tips for keeping your feet clean and hygienic during the rains.

Pain of diabetic neuropathy is a condition that affects about 20% to 40% of the diabetes patients. Although the actual cause of the nerve pain has not yet been established , it is accepted by the medical community that the blood sugar ( glucose) as a result of these symptoms. Nerve damage due to diabetes is pronounced in the feet and legs.


Many men and women may not realize it, but the feet are some of the whole body abused every day areas. Our feet have a lot of work every day, every time we walk and run . Do you know what your feet are important should be, more about the products and toiletries and foot problems such as the spurs on their feet to learn.

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