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Football  is also Known as "The Game Of Thrones" is a Football Game played between two games. Each team consists of eleven players. The game is played using a spherical ball of 68.5–69.5 cm circumference. Two teams of eleven players each compete to get the ball into the other team's goal to score a goal. The team that has scored more goals at the end of the game is the winner of the game. Except if both the teams scores the equal goals then the game gets draw. Both the teams has a captain having only one duty about toss.

Football is The Most Popular game in the whole world & is played by millions of people in the whole world and is governed by  International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). This Game is More famous in United States America, Slovakia, South Africa, Sudan and Sweden.

In This Blog I am going to entertain you About the Origin, History,  types, the countries in which Football is played as their favorite most Game.

Origin & History:

The World's Most favorite game that is played by more than 150  countries first began in 1863 in  England. And soon after Football association (FIFA)  was formed. About Half a Dozen different games varying to different Fields have been found to originated from Football.

Types Of Football :

Basically there are EIGHT types of Football Which are known as Association football, Indoor Football (Five-a-side footballFutsalIndoor soccer), Paralympic FootballBeach soccerStreet footballRush goalieKeepie uppie, and Freestyle Football.

And Now i am about to give a complete detail about each type of the Most Famous Game in the world to my friends and other users on Bitlanders.

1. Association Football

                Association Football is also known as ""Soccer".

Association football more commonly known as a football or Soccer is played between two teams each of them having Eleven Players. The main mission of each player is to get ball in the opposing goal.Only Goal Keepers are allowed to Touch the Ball with their hands and arms.The Team that get's more Goals wins at the end of the game. if both the teams have same goals at the end of game then either the match gets draw or more time is given to teams.

2.Paralympic Football

It is a modified form of association football and it is for Disabled players or competitors. it is only for athletes having any kind of physical disability. it consists of two types.

  1. 5-a-side football

  2. 7-a-side football

    5-a-side football

it is also called futsal and it is for those competitors who are blind and they have disability with their vision.

they are of three types.

  •          B1 - They are totally blind
  •          B2 - They are not totally blind. can identify the shape of things.
  •          B3 - They are partially sighted.

  7-a-side football :

7-a-side football players include those competitors who have neurological disability. they have either trauma in brain or stroke. There are different rules for these players.

3. Beach Soccer :

              it is also called "sand soccer"

It is also known as sand soccer because it is played on sand.
Each team consists of Five Players including the Goal Keeper and the timing of the game is Thirty-Six Minutes.

have a look on the Beach Soccer in England. 

4. Street Football :

This game is played in North America. It is called Street Football or Street Soccer.

it is mostly Played In Following Countries :

  1. Venezuela
  2. Libya
  3. Singapore
  4. Plymouth
  5. Morocco

5. Rush goalie

                It is also called "Fly Keeper"

In this type of game a Goal Keeper have a more flexible role because goal keeper can be replaced by any other player of the same team.

Last Man Back

 Last Man Back is another part of this game which have no goal keeper and only players handles the Ball.

6. Keepie Uppie

In this Type of Football game Footballs are juggled with feet, chest, lower legs, shoulders, knees and head.
In this game the ball is not allowed to hit the ground.

Have a look on Ronaldo and Modric's Amazing Keepie-Uppie Challenge in the Match.

7. Freestyle Football

              it is also called "Freestyle Soccer".

it is played in North America. It is same as that of Keepie  Uppie but in this type of game various parts of body are also used to perform various tricks. Millions of people have Practiced it and is widely played.

The Best Football Teams :

Manchester United F.C.

It is a team of Professional football club which belongs to England and it is based on old trafford. it was founded in 1878.

England National Football Team :

              It is also known as "The Three Lions".

It is one of the oldest team known and was founded in 1870.

One of Oldest Picture of England National Team is Below.

Arsenal F.C.

It is one of professional football team originated in Holloway, London. it is also one of known oldest team which was founded in 1886.

Saudi Arabia National Football Team :

It is the most best and success full team in asia and have won asian cup three times.
It was founded in 1956.

FIFA World Cup Trophy :

Its a Gold Cup Trophy that is awarded to the winner of the tournament.  The event takes place after every four years. It is Governed by International Federation of Association Football. It was founded in 1904 and now it comprises 204 organisations.

The team that wins trophy gets 1st in the whole world and gets the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Trophy Looks like this :

List of FIFA World Cup Finals:

Fifa is an international football association and the current champion is Germany who had won the world cup in 2014 and it was held in Brazil.

Years                                                     Countries

Germany                                                       2014

Spain                                                             2010

Italy                                                                 2006

Brazil                                                             2002

France                                                           1998

Brazil                                                             1994

West Germany                                              1990

Argentina                                                       1986

Italy                                                                1982

Argentina                                                       1978

West Germany                                               1974

Brazil                                                              1970

England                                                           1966

Brazil                                                               1962

Brazil                                                               1958

West Germany                                                 1954

Uruguay                                                            1950

World Cup was canceled in 1946 & 1942 Because of Second World War. Thus it was held in 1950.

Football Fans :

As football is the most famous game in the whole world so the passions of fans of football are always adore able to see on every world cup in the stadium.


Near to me and all the fans of football, football is the best game in the whole and all we knows its the most famous game in the whole world.


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