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It was two years ago when I first made my own nail art. Back then, I don't have any nail art tools such as the dotting tool and the brush. I love doing my own nails which explains why I have a lot of nail polish of different colors at home.

My first ever nail art design is a sneaker inspired one. I look around the internet to see what's in and then this one caught my eye. I copied the design but I used my own choice of colors. 

To achieve this nail art, I used nail polishes in color blue, red and white. I first applied a base coat and then I put the white nail polish all over my nails.The next step is, I carefully did the color blue part using the nail polish' brush. 

Since I don't have a tool that time, I kind of improvised my own tool. I found an old small brush from an unused nail polish which I used to draw the red lines which represents the shoe lace and then I grabbed a tooth pick from the kitchen and used it for creating the white dots. 

Here's a picture of me wearing my own design. I think the colors complemented each other well. I think it's photogenic. Lol 

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