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This is a must have food item in a number of Spanish cuisines and one would we well acquainted with the use of Jambon bellota in almost all of the multi-cuisine restaurants owing to the fact that it is always present on their menu card. One of the primary advantages to it is the fact that the ham is available throughout the year as it is nowadays produced in controlled conditions. Due to this reason the popularity of the ham has been soaring over to newer heights. The demand for them in multi cuisine restaurants have also been increasing substantially, perhaps because of the fact that the ham has the property to be used after long periods of storing and can blend in with the flavors of almost any dish. The cooking process is also very easy and the ham has the ability to melt in the mouth as well. One can say that when nothing is available, all that they need to do is take the ham, bake it in the oven and that is it since it will be ready for consumption. The food is also a growing favourite among kids and elderly people as well perhaps owing to the fact that the modern way of processing has made it better in quality and hygiene while the conventional assent of the taste remains the same.