Force Marriage In Herat

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Do you know what will be happen the Force Marriage in Afghanistan specially in Herat Province develop day by day.

Force marriage is a cruel that use in our families , most of the people made force marriages in these causes like , Gambling , Trade , Jobless , Weak culture and etc.

gamble is game , every game has winner and loser. The person who lose the game , he must give money to winner of the game.

If the loser doesn’t have money , he must give his daughter or sister to winner and she isn’t satisfied to this marriage , it is a cruel that families do in families.

Trade is a good job in best way , some traders like to be famous in aria and get benefit.

These people use from their families to gain everything that is hard to obtain in trade, some people in our city give their small daughter to old man  because of money , they think he is rich  our daughter or sister will always happy , some people give their daughters or sisters to people that have power in the society or aria.

These are the bad events of weak culture and illiteracy that do such things in their families.

Force marriage in Herat is custom that most of the people don’t have any money because no work , no money , weak culture ,gamble and knowledge.

Force marriage in Afghanistan were develop day by day. It develop to families that have not knowledge, these families have a weak culture, most of people are Jobless because of Jobless people make force marriage because of money . They like money because of money work such things.

Most of the people lost their daughters in gamble game , all these things belongs to weak culture and poor knowledge ,and I say long life the people how love their daughters and families and deep down the families don’t have enough love to their family.

At the end we can say everything that we need and want to gain , it isn’t the way to use our families .

We must try more and gain everything later and Force marriage is a cruel that God glorious don’t blessing us.

At the end I want to say long life the people how love their sisters or daughters and families and deep down to people don’t enough love to their family.



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My name is Fawzia Noori ,I was burn in Herat,Afghanistan and Iam student at Hatifi High School.

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