Foreign forces turnover in Afghanistan

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After exiting of Taliban from Afghanistan a lot of foreign forces from several countries came to Afghanistan to fight with terrorism.
At first we were so pleased about it and we know them as the honorable people who want to help us and to our poor country. Indeed, they worked very well in Afghanistan and really helped the people and government of Afghanistan.
But unfortunately their turnover in Afghanistan became dwindle in later years. Our problems became worse than the Taliban regime time; disquiet became severe and in most parts of Afghanistan still progresses war.
Of course these are not the only problems we have with the government of Afghanistan and presence of foreign forces after Taliban regime.
Suicide attacks are increasing every day that we never hear about them even in Taliban time and before it. A lot of innocent people are killed in these attacks and in operations of foreign forces in many parts of Afghanistan barbaric. And I think it's not fair, what's their fault???
Economy crisis, starvation, poorness and workless are the other problems we had in this last decade, and if they really wanted to help us, these were our problems but no one of them are solved.
I don't know much about policy and I am not an expert person to Analyze these maters; but I just want to say my own opinion and what I see around myself and what I feel.
After passing about one decade of foreign forces presence in Afghanistan, there are a lot of speeches, censures and criticism about their functions and emprises by the people and almost in all politic circles.
The people think that they had shortness in performance of the works in Afghanistan.
Their emblem for presence in Afghanistan was fighting with terrorism and creation of democracy in Afghanistan.
But after passing one decade of their present; though terrorism is not uprooted but we were witness of its expanding in regions that had relative security.
And insecurity and terrorist actions increased in some of Afghanistan's regions as much as these years were bloody years for Afghanistan and for foreign forces.
And in democracy discussion I think that the new system is appointed and this country has governmental institutions but we hear that a lot of others intercourses in Afghanistan government, and it's sign of nonentity of democracy in Afghanistan. And I don't think that the foreign forces and the government of Afghanistan have a specific program for bringing peace in Afghanistan.


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