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Forest is the places where there are many trees plants flowers and wild animals and birds live. The forest is very important for earth. There importance is as follow: Air: Forest keeps the air fresh and clean. Oxygen is important for breath. It keeps the environment fresh and helps the breath.


Trees: Forests provides trees. There are important for making many things. Like furniture, paper, boats and ship etc. Fruits: and Vegetables: Forest trees also provide fruit and vegetables to human as well as for animals. Birds: Trees provide shelter to birds to make their nests. Some birds live in trees holes.


Animals: It also provide place for wild animals to live in and eat fruits and plants. Habitat: It provide place to all habitats. Soil: it keeps the soil solid and provides fertility for agriculture production.


Now a day’s forests are being cut to build buildings houses etc. this cause bad effect. Climatic change also occurs due to this. This creates many problems for life. The rain occurrence become less and climate temperature increase.


Now a day’s Government also encourages people to plant the trees and flowers. It will increase the ratio of plants and environmental problems become less and we can keep our air fresh and clean by this way. 

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