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Deforestation means cutting down the forest for the conversion of a forest to non-forest land.


When forests are cut down many animals leave their homes because of food. Deforestation is also harm full for humans and their health.

We just cut down the forests for the land on which we construct the buildings, malls and houses. It also affect the amount of water in soil and moister in atmosphere. When the trees are cut down there is more chance of soil erosion.


When a heavy rainfall wash soil into river and soil present in the water the water become dirty and it is because of deforestation. Deforestation also causes lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide. The forests are the cause of rains if we cut forests the rain will reduce.

We use wood for fire, furniture and making wooden houses .we cut the forests to make these things but we didn’t grow new plants.


Importance of the forests:

1: The wood we get from the forests is used for making furniture and many other things.

2: Pakistan export things like bats, hockey’s etc. Which are made up of wood.

3: The temperature decreases of that area on which forests are present.

4: Forests provide us different types of fruits and vegetables.

5: Forests are very important for animals and birds.

6: Forests are one of the causes of rainfall.


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