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Have you seen one of the smallest people on Earth? I've already seen one.Two Decembers ago, my family went a visit to Bohol. The place where the tarsier which is referred to as the smallest monkey in the world resides. But that would be a different story.


Back to the topic. One of those smallest people I'm referring to is Bayoyoy.He is less than 3 ft tall. And back when I met him, he's already 65 years old.So that makes him 66 or 67 now. I guess. He don't have an eyeballs. And he thinks and acts like a baby. I've actually posted a video featuring him. Here's the link if you haven't seen it yet.


His siblings were already dead. And the one who's taking care of him is his nephews and nieces. Since Bayoyoy can't talk, his niece is the one who's accompanying visitors like us. She also said that Bayoyoy only eats oat meals.


Bayoyoy was already featured at a television program but I wasn't able to watch that one.

For me, he is one of the miracles this world has. :)

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