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Do you easily forgive? Me? I am not!!! I don’t easily forgive people who done something wrong to me. I just don’t know why it’s hard for me to forgive. That’s why I always pray that He would enlighten my mind and souls for me to swallow my pride. I don’t find in my heart to easily forgive people. They said that if you don’t forgive, there’s no peaceful mind.  Yes, it’s true because you keep on thinking about what happened and it may lead you to think deeply on what you should do for revenge. But, I’ve learned in my experience that the more you forgive, the more goodness will come. Just like our priest always says that we should learn how to forgive others, so that when time comes we also need to be forgiven, they will do the same thing too. We must learn on how to admit one’s mistakes because were just human and nobody is perfect. We should think the goodness of person not the mistakes they did to us. 

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