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Hello! I m back with my content. All these days, I was just thinking up what to write next regarding fashion or clothing. Finally, I just pick up the idea of formal dressing. In this blog, I m going to catch up all the detailed characteristics of a formal dress. Summing up all the needs of a formal dress. At what event these clothes are used are all described in that writing.

Formal Dress

A dress code is a set of rules governing a certain combination of clothing; some examples are black tie and morning dress. Formal dress is the grouping of all the dress codes which govern clothes worn to formal events. The traditional rules that govern men's formal dress are strictly observed; from these derive the evening dress variants worn on many occasions, such as high school prom dances, formal dances, and entertainment industry award programs.

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Feel glamorous and look amazing in a formal dress is the dream of everyone. All of us dress up for different events. The outfit is chosen according to the event or the occasion. According to the event, we decide that which dress will go with the situation. As there are certain types of events and also certain types of outfits. Now, it's up to us to choose the right one. As I m writing for the formal dress type. Formal outfits consist of a number of parameters. There are some specified rules and regulations of a formal dress. All these rules must be fulfilled.


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A formal dress code is used formally in:

• In college

• In wedding

• In office

• In educational institute

• In Meetings

• Workplace


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Importance of formal appropriate dress code 


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We dress up for different events or purposes. As formal dresses are the most widely used outfits. All of our work at different places where we should have to be presentable. Informal or semi-formal are against the parameters of workplaces. A tidy and appealing dress code proves to be beneficial for your career.



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In the office, you have to deal with different clients and customers, for that your dress code must be captivatingIf you are going to present something before the audience, a proper formal dress add a lot to what you speak. People listen to you, only when you impress them with your looks. While going for an interview a suitable dress is really important. It is always said:

“First impression is the last impression.”


Characteristics of formal dress

As formal dresses are widely used for different purposes. We mostly wear them for different events. A formal dress can have my features that are the building blocks of it. Some of the features that I noticed most are described below including:

**Must be decent**

A dress that fits your body type, and is flattering, meaning accented for your personality and comfortable for you to feel confident, which will come trough if the dress is right for you. Also take in to account the occasion and material and finishes of the dress which will be the most appropriate for weather.



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 One of the most important characteristics of a formal dress includes it must be decent. As I defined what does decent means. A dress is said to be decent if it is properly fitted and feel comfortable to you. One thing I implore you to need to properly check-out fitting. It must be fit like a glove

Don’t use too tight dresses that cause you difficulty. Use only that one which is suitable for your body type and make you relax. Most often by following other people, we start wearing such outfits that don't even looking glamorous on us still we use them. Don’t use such fashion which cannot even make you feel good. The occasion matter a lot in that aspect. First, you have to consider the event whether it is suitable for the dim or dark outfit.



**Must be Simple**

The dress you are looking for a formal event must be simple enough. Simple means it should be one color dress with a very fine cut. It should not be a mixture of too many colors. It did not contain any high definitions. Formal events are for simple dresses.

If you are putting on a dress that is not too simple and decent then you will be looking like an awkward piece in the whole event.  Maybe you get some sort of embarrassment there. So before putting on an outfit make it clear that it should be a simple one colored dress.


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**Must be Attractive**

Being attractive has to do with attracting others, one way or another. If you're talking about a magnet, that's a literal, physical kind of attraction. For people, being attractive usually means you're beautiful or handsome enough to pull in the attention of others. But having a great personality or a good job are attractive traits, too.



 The dress you are wearing must be attractive like… stand out from the crowd a little bit. Everyone wanted to be like that but it is possible only when both your personality and outfit is glamorous and impressive. Choose that dress which is a little bit different from all others. Making yourself different doesn’t mean to break the rules of formal dress code. Keeping yourself in a formal dress by adding something attractive is the objective. Use some different fabric like Velvet to look different. Similarly, you can change your look from common to impressive one by a bit change of fabric.


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**Color must be accurate**

Choosing an appropriate color is the most important factor of a formal dress code. You should have to use that color which compliments your skin tone. Putting on that color which doesn’t suit on your complexion will give create a worn look. So, according to the event chose a nice color. Don’t go for bright and shimmery colors. Formal dresses comprise of soft colors.


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 Color trends are identified by the season. Look out the color trends whether which color is in fashion. If its summer time light colors are in the market, but if it’s winter season dark colors are also acceptable. So basically color depends on season and trends. Men most formal colors include:

•  Black

•  White

•  Light grey

•  Tan

•  Navy etc.


**Suitable Fabric**


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 The formal dressing also depends upon the appropriate choice of fabric for the outfit. Fabric matter a lot in making you amazing or fully down. Different types of fabric are available that are used for different events. You should learn which fabric goes in which type of occasion.

The fabric also depends upon the season. Obviously, light fabrics are used in summers. And thick fabrics are for winters. Wearing out of season fabric makes you dis-comfortable. Wearing a light dress in winter make you shiver… which is not a good sign. So, fabric choice must be accurate. A list of fabrics used formally by men are:


Remember to consider your fabric very carefully, to ensure that it is the right one for your perfect dress.

Velvet. Marbled Velvet
Chiffon. Paris Chiffon
Georgette. Silk Georgette
For something a little different – Neoprene



**Unique in Style**

The style of your dress reveals your personal style and personality. Most often people get you through your dressing style. Your style somehow becomes your definition. In this way, style adds a lot to your personality. Some of us follow the style of others while some are the style icons. Style icons are copied by the general peoples. Making yourself a style icon is not an easy task, you work a lot for that.


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The style is much important to the selection of a remarkable and appealing outfit is the utmost factor. Choose an outfit that makes you stand out Your style must be according to the event. Try several dresses to find the best styled dressed among all of them.


**Properly carried**


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The dress must be properly carried. If you are wearing a branded dress highly cost, but you are not properly carrying it with confidence can make it just worn. The cost of the dress doesn’t matter, what matters is your confidence of taking this up. 

The proper carrying style of an outfit is one of the foremost techniques one should know. Shoulders up, comfortable looking and confidence is the carrying style one should adopt.


That was all about the formal dressing. I tried my best to give you guys a brief and accurate description regarding my topic. I hope that all of you like reading this. I will be there again with an interesting topic. Till then take care of yourself and thank you so much for encouraging me. See u soon.

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