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What is fortune? It is the question which occurs in every body’s mind but few might have realized its real meaning. We may think if we have economic comfort we are lucky. some might also think having a car building or money is fortune and even the people might exist who know power and authority as fortune. They may be  not

Completely, as the above mentioned items might be a small part of fortune. The rich people probably exist who

Don’t enjoy their life and most authorized people might be who suffer their life. the history has shown that those who have more property are more anxious and worried.

As a small defeat in their commerce or trade may deparess them and this may affect them so much badly

That they probably commit suicide too. a very clear example of this can be seen in today’s rich countries

In which most of the people refer to the mental doctors

Intoxicants and even narcotic drugs. although life  seems much more comfortable in these countries but  on the country this process is not very remarkable in the poor

countries. Any way life is too short to waste is with impossible and inaccessible ambitions: we have to treat life as it is ,not to take it so easy and not so difficult. The

real fortune is to serve the others to be happy and live happily. We will be lucky when  we have a calm conscience and legal life. One cannot be unless he or she has lucky society. So let’s serve the others as we expect them serve us




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