four legged devil

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Today I am going to write about chair. It is a furniture piece. Its normally have four legs, two arms and a back. Without back and arms it’s called stool. It is used for sitting. A single person can use it for sitting at a time.

Chair is made of different material i.e. wood, glass, plastic and some time with iron. Their material, color, stuff and beauty make them costly. Beautiful and comfortable chair likes by everyone. Now a day everyone in the world is using the chair at homes, offices and almost everywhere for the purpose of sitting. In Europe it’s used as a sign of proud and dignity for many centuries. It became common after 16th century. In old Egypt only house master used chair for sitting.

Groups, boards of directors, and educational sectors all have a chairman. It’s also called seat. In past the kings’ fight to get each other throne seats. Now our politicians fight against each other to get seat. They fight for the seat of president or for seat of parliament or for any other seat. So they kill, deceive, dodge and betray each other and public to get there powerful and loving seat. In the end chair is a comfortable and beautiful four legged devil for sitting.   




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