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This line occurs  in Shakespeare's  tragedy ,  'hamlet' . The hero being disgusted with what he considers to be unchaste in his mother , develops a  hatred for woman in general .This line  is an expression of his acute hatred for woman . He  satirizes in it their 'frailty' which , in his opinion , is their main weakness .                                                                                                                                        
Now , we have to consider how far hamlet is justified in his judgment about woman . is it based on fact , or is it a baseless prejudice ? Are woman weak alike in body and mind? Is their moral constitution so frail that it shatters when faced with temptation? Is self -control purely a masculine virtue?                                                                                                                                                                      
It is also possible that nature , having meant woman exclusively for motherhood , has not endowed her with those intellectual qualities which she has given to man . perhaps nature wants man alone to participate in the struggle of life, and the woman , to live under his protection . if so, she does not need those qualities which man cssentially needs for fighting successfully the battle of life . if man alone was to be the builder of civilization , he ought to have been gifted with a higher intellect that woman , who exists only for the continuity of the race . Nothing , however can be said with certainty about woman' s place and position in the scheme of nature.                                                                                                                  This sentence , "frailty , thy name is woman ," may also refer to sexual weaknesses , or to lack of chastity in woman . but in this respect , too , we cannot say with certainty that man is better than woman . In fact , sexual weakness is common , both men an women . chastity or its absence is not a class quality, its depends on the nature of the individual . hamlet is definitely prejudiced against women when he ascribes frailty to women alone , and not to men.                                                 


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