Francesco Rulli speaks about Afghan women

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In this video, Francesco Rulli, Founder of Film Annex talks about Afghan women. An entrepreneur who has traveled and lived around the world, he has worked in the field of fashion. He has interacted with women globally. And in Afghan women, he sees a certain determination and grit that he has seen nowhere else in the world. It is true that those who have been through hardship appreciate the value of even small acts of freedom in their life. Having been subjugated and forced to living in tenuous circumstances under the Taliban regime, Afghan women are bouncing back to savor their independence and to claim their rightful place in Afghan society and economy.

Afghanistan is strategically place in Central Asia. The culture is similar to countries like Pakistan, Iran and Central Asian Republics. The women recognize the opportunity in starting their own businesses, no matter how small. Francesco analyses the behavior of an average male and female who browse the net or interact on social networking profiles. A man is more likely to share his business achievements and his power through his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. He is more likely to be businesslike in his conversations. A woman is more personal when she is browsing the net, shopping or learning. She communicates more, shares more information, and interacts more.  An Afghan businesswoman who traditionally did not have the cultural sanction to talk openly, now finds an opportunity via the internet to share information. She is very passionate about her endeavors, and she wants to share the passion and success of her business. She is looking forward to utilization of social media to further her business ambitions. She has clear-cut goals and is driven to achieve them one step at a time.

Having experienced the nightmarish Taliban rule, she does not wish anything to come in her way and has an overpowering drive to succeed in her business and establish her own freedom. Though, she might experience setbacks, but she must take risks to move forward. Afghan women are slowly and steadily stepping forward with a tremendous zeal to educate themselves, use social media as a promotional and interaction tool, and to embark upon their own business ventures.

Watch Francesco Rulli’s entire interview in the video above.

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