Free Games PC + Mobile & Free Steam Keys

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Hello Everyone, today i'm going to give you free Steam Keys and Free Mobile Games to you. Okay here it is:

  • Mobile Games:

1. The Spookening (Hurry Before It's Too Late!)

Requirment: Humble Bundle App on Mobile & E-Mail

Link: The Spookening

How To: Just Scroll-down the page until you found "insert your e-mail address here", then insert your e-mail address there

  • Steam Keys:

1. Anomaly Warzone

Requirment: Steam on PC, Free Steam Account, and  E-Mail

Link: Anomaly Warzone (Steam Key)

How To: Register to the Web, then activate it, then you will get the games, inside the "My Games" Tab, then redeem it

2. Bejeweled 3 (Hurry Before It's Too Late)

Requirment: Origin on PC, Free Origin Account, and E-Mail

Link: Bejeweled 3

How To: Click claim, then login with your account

And Many More, be sure to buzz this blog, if you like it, and sorry if there any wrong words, and if you confused on something be sure to ask it to me via comment section

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