Free Internet in the Philippines?

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We all know that each of our Philippine Mobile networks are providing certain free FB access options. Well I had been using Globe for instance in accessing FB when I don't have any available data.

But then what is circling right now is the truth about the Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg's Free internet access in the Philippines.

Oh Filipinos are now loving him more with this statement. connects people from any country globally for free, yes that's right! It's a site which can be accessed either with your own smartphone's browser or by downloading the app itself from Google store. Bad sad news for globe users, you can't use this yet. You must be a smart, tnt and sun cellular subscriber to avail this.

One more thing, accessing these sites can only be done within the boundaries, if you somehow gets out of the site, it will incur data charges. I actually like the idea but since bitLanders is not included in the available websites for free access, then I guess I don't need it right now. Maybe in the future I will be able to use it but I have tried it already for testing purposes, how about it?

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