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King Amanullah Khan was the first one to take the first step towards regularizing Afghanistan economy. We had different economic experiences, but after the fall of the Taliban, the economy improved greatly and has been following the free market economy since then.

In many powerful countries like the USA, Germany, and France, the free market economy has been highly effective. Afghanistan needs a strong determination and the government's support, and should be aware of the economics systems to make its free market effective.

It isn’t a big surprise that Afghanistan is going through big changes. The presidential election is around the corner. The role of the international coalition is changing, but a free market economy is developing, and we have to be responsible. Our strategy is not to rely solely on government contracts, but to focus on a sustainable business model that will be built on the free market of Afghanistan after 2014. Citadel of NYC would like to be a market leader in web advertising and target marketing, not only in Afghanistan, but also in the rest of Central and South of Asia.

How do we intend to do that? Our strategy is to differentiate and grab market shares quickly. We plan to establish an online advertising, target marketing and social media platform that can take advantage of the growth of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. By gathering good content and creating traffic, we can develop a platform that attracts advertisers in Afghanistan. Film Annex has proven this concept and is the best platform to meet our goals. It will provide 50% of the revenues earned to the users. It’s a great opportunity for us.


This strategy will generate web trafficking. Francesco Rulli and I established Citadel of NYC to implement different projects together. Here are some example of successful projects:


The first, made possible thanks to web traffic and online advertising, is the Afghan development Project Web TV. The purpose is to show the world the new face of Afghanistan by broadcasting current event videos, interviews, and news clips as well as archival material. This Web TV has three million viewers per month and 60,000 Facebook fans.

The second project is educational and called the Examer Software. This is an interactive, educational and social network platform with a micro scholarship payment system, an online e-Learning technology that allows micro payments to be given to successful students. This encourages their participation in completing courses. The Examer Software is "universal" as it is easily tailored to the needs of regional languages and cultures.

The third, to empower and support women, is Women's Annex, a self-sustaining digital platform and ecosystem that supports women's empowerment within and outside of Central and South Asia. This platform has videos, instructional programs and blog stories about education, business, sports and a variety of other topics.

With our business, we are very proud to help the community and create jobs for women so they can enter the technical workforce. As Peter Drucker said, “The modern organization exists to provide a specific service to society."


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