Free Radicals

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Are you familiar with this two word phrase? Free radicals. Well maybe. But what are free radicals really in its simplest meaning? In the health conscious people free radicals are the outside sources of diseases. What are those sources of diseases?

This will be saturated but its relevant information. First, from the air we breathe just imagine the lungs of people in the urban areas or city. We can rarely find a near place where air is fresh.

Secondly from the water we drink it should be purified, mineralized or distilled. You cannot just drink in the faucet. Third is food and medicines. Wrong food intake or unhealthy food these are self-explanatory. Lastly, stress. These are psychological in which included over thinking of debts, pressure on the work, love life, etc.

But then, we should not fear the free radicals anymore since there are lots of anti-oxidants and food supplements in the market today to alleviate and to aid the lack of food nutrition  we eat today.


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