FReebie again: 2in1 Electric Fan and Flashlight

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Well, as I've said in my previous post that I'm expecting 2 parcels from Manong LBC today. Indeed, it arrived on my doorsteps around 3pm again this afternoon.

I just lose count on how many times I've received some freebies this month of MAY but I'm just happy that all those are delivered and are all FREE!

I never spend even a single peso for those things...all I've been doing is accumulating points in the website I had stated in my previous blogs. Just research for it there. Hehe...

Now again I'm waiting for another one to arrived hopefully tomorrow or on Monday as the site already emailed me earlier that the item is now shipped. That's suppose to be a surprise gift for hubby but is not a surprise anymore. Hehehe let's see.

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