Freedom and Independence

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Freedom and independence

                Mustafa Kamal Pasha became a hero of Turkey after his victory in the difficult battle of Gallipoli. Ataturk success in preserving the freedom of his country encouraged the other Eastern countries to obtain freedom too. In a speech delivered in1933, he made the following inspiring statement.

                “Look at the sun rising in the East.” I see the rising of eastern nations as I see the dawn today. There are many brotherly nations that will gain their freedom and independence. Their re birth will no doubt be in the direction of progress and prosperity. They will succeed despite all the difficulties and hurdles, and will reach the future that is awaiting them.

                “Colonialism and imperialism will disappear from the face of the earth and they will be replaced by a harmonious cooperating era that does not discriminate between colours, religion and ethnicity of nations.”   

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