Freedom of thought and why our opinion are different from others

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This is not a topic for read,it is a sound foe everyone like to have this freedom for himself but it is not ready to give it to other when this express different opinions.

The most important thing is that we should have freedom of thought.It is a normal case when we discuss a topic everyone have different thoughts and opinions arise on such matters as religion or politics.If we want to refuse the others opinions or hold their opinions and specially if we try to force them to accept our own opinion,the progress is impossible.

If everyone thoughts are same there are no problems and progress would come to an end because as Baddha said "What a man thinks he becomes".

We think exactly same as our forefathers in condition in which they were.Our thoughts and opinions are depend on a great deal upon and what we read and what we talk about.

If we want to think new thoughts we must try to read new and different sides of topics that comes before us, and not be content only with what we read  in newspapers or what we read in other books and other say.So everyone have freedom of thought and share there opinion to us.

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