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Freedom means release, Release from bondage and captivity, release from constraints raised of the oppressions and injustice.

Freedom means flourishing… means flying.

This word is very nice and meaningful. The human will have a special movement ahead in their activities while freedom rampant their societies, and nothing will decrease their efforts and interests since they won’t see any dark in their future. Having a relax mind, hardworking, continues follow up, plus interest will be the key solution to any problems.

While freedom exists, distress doesn’t have a meaning and inaction is awful, so getting up and firmly decision is a must for getting what the reasonable goal is.

Easygoing, insouciant, and unveiled is not the actual freedom. The human must be open minded otherwise its mind is under control of an enslavement worse than a barbarian country confinement. The human can leave with freedom under any circumstance other than mind lust which prevents its ideas and thoughts to do something good.

Therefore, freedom within its nice meaning provides largess, but not bondage or captivity.

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I was born in Herat, Afghanistan.

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