Frequently asked questions, featuring the WHATS in Bitlanders.

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Frequently asked questions, featuring the "WHATS" in Bitlanders.


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The most essential thing that an old bitlanders member can do is to have the courage to continue to accept feedback from her contents for it can help her bring out the best of her and through this, she can help everybody else get better - Shaiera

My journey in bitlanders.

It's funny how a year ago, I hesitantly learning the way leading to the bloggers' world, I am talking about the leader board in particular. I am not that aware of what bitlanders really is and what it has in store for me. Wandering around to this cyber community, I have seen great works from fellow bitlanders and honestly a novice blogger like me felt nothing but intimidation.

Move over, though I was utterly hesitant on submitting my contents and socializing for I am a person of excessively word- conscious and distressingly having a low self- esteem, I started to socialize with the other bitlanders and realized that it is just okay to make a wrong grammar sometimes :) no body is perfect, as it was an old saying.

Days passes by, it was such a great pleasure to look back at my journey here in bitlanders. I have learned things that enhances my skills for I was able to create high quality contents that received five stars from ma'am Hillary, I made strong friendships with people across the world and what makes me more proud of is the fact that for multiple times, I have reached the top one rank on the leader board. As of now, I can say that staying at the leaderboard  gives a great impact because it helps me to have more followers that buzzes my contents and of course, newbies are giving a trust on me. Some sending me private messages just to ask an advice that makes me feel an important member of this site. So here I am, dedicating this tutorial blogs for my new friends, the newbies:) Welcome to bitlanders!

Answering the WHATS, a short description of terms in Bitlanders.

For those who are just new to this site, you may be asking some basic questions that are somewhat related to the terms here in bitlanders. As an old member who wants to help my fellow newbies, I compiled my own Frequently Asked Questions set to help you understand this platform. So here are my short and precise answers for these WHATS questions for you.

Frequently asked questions featuring the WHATS in Bitlanders.

What is bitlanders?


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Bitlanders is a social gaming site that allows its users to express themselves through quality contents and pays them for being socially active by the use of the so-called bitmiles. To know more about this site, kindly watch the video below.

Video courtesy of Ata Rehman

What is bitmiles?

Bitmiles is a loyalty points that we can earn by using bitlanders. Bitmiles is generated by the bitmiles technology that calculates our daily revenue on this site. Perhaps, bitmiles is the new digital currency here in bitlanders that we can convert into dollars. For instance, these are the units used for bitmiles.

  • BM for bitmiles,
  • KBM for kilobitmites
  • GBM for gigabitmiles.

To know more about bitmiles, please do visit this blog from our admin Sir Micky-the-slanted-salerno entitled How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work.

What is the minimum amount needed to withdraw?

The minimum amount that we can withdraw is 10 GBM which is approximately equals to 10 dollars. If ever you already reached the minimum, just follow the steps on this blog to know the process How to withdraw your earnings in BitLanders?

What are the payment methods that are available in bitlanders? 

The payment methods that are available here are PayPal and Payza. It is depend upon to you on which one you find convenient to use and what is allowed to your country for PayPal is not allowed to all countries.

What is BUZZ?

Buzz is the equivalent word of the LIKE icon on the other social media sites. When you buzz a certain post, it means that you like that content. Keep buzzing good contents to at least increase your base buzz :)

What is subscribe? 

From the word itself, subscribe means to follow, following a certain user makes you updated to his contents. When you click on the house icon, you can see some contents of those you have followed.

What is Gems? 

Gems is the most important thing that you have here in bitlanders, of course aside from your earnings. It can help you to earn more bitmiles depends upon on how you will use it. You can use your gems for submitting your content on review, re-sculpt your avatar, adding more space for your inventory and buy stuffs on the bitStore for your avatar. If I were you, I'll just focus on submitting contents instead :), just a friendly advice.

What is Content review? 

Content review is the term related to submitting your content. On this process, your content will be rated by the use of badge with stars, each number of star have corresponding direct power ups and returns of gems. For instance, here are the equivalent returns of gems and the number of direct power ups that you can gain from submitting your contents. 


What specific contents are allowed for content review?

We can submit high quality videos or movies, pictures on gallery and blogs for review. Hence, click here FAQS -> content to know the things that you should know before submitting your contents for review. For instance, this is just for submitting blogs based from my experiences, here are my tips to get a positive content review:

  • Make sure that your blogs maximizes the number of tags available for blogging and try to choose the most related tags for your content.
  • Please check the formatting of your blog, try to use all the available number of pictures and embed videos on it.
  • Make sure your blog contains at least 1,500 words and discuss well your topic.
  • The best tips on blogging are listed to this blog entitled The Makings of a Great Blog , follow my big brother-in-bitlanders Minato's advices, he's one of the best bloggers here and for sure you will receive a positive content review if you follow his tips :)


What is double reward topic?

It's funny that an old user asked me about double reward topic, he's on the leaderboard that time and yet he doesn't really have an idea about double reward topic until he created one and got 5 star on his blog. I will not mention his name but he's a really good friend of mine. Hehe!. Moving forward to the question, double reward topic is a topic given by one of our admin sir Micky-the-slanted-salerno that we can write about. It is usually last only for one month and the topic is somewhat seasonal. Anyways, just follow sir Micky to be updated for the double  reward topic. For the equivalent rewards on writing about the double reward topic, just see the image below.


From the common terms, let's go to the highlight terms of this blog which I know , you are interested to know.

What is buzzscore?

This is the most complicated question to answer for the newbies. It gives me a hard time on giving the information for this but I'll try my best on this blog. Basically, The Buzz Score is a competitive system that changes every day depending on the activities of all users. Buzz score is the result of adding up the base buzz and direct power ups that we gain for a day. To know more about buzz score, kindly watch the video below.

Video courtesy of bitLanders

What is Base buzz

Base buzz is the foundation of our buzz score for buzz score is the result when you add the power ups and base buzz. For clarification, it is not the number that you can see beside your earnings like an equation like this 123 + 7, I repeat that is NOT your base buzz. You can see your base buzz when you click on your account status, make sure to be active because it is being computed based to your contents and social activities.

What is Direct power ups?

Direct power ups is the number you can see next to the plus sign placed on the upper right side of your page. Direct power ups can help you boost your earnings for it will be added to your base buzz that may result to a high buzzscore. You should know that the higher the buzzscore you have, the higher the earnings you will receive so focus on making you base buzz high and as much as possible try to gain more power ups :)


What is Leader board?

Click here to view the Leader Board Page

Leader board serves as a battle field not just for the bloggers but to all members of this site. I said it is not just for bloggers because bitlanders is not just for bloggers but also for filmmakers and photographers because we can submit different kinds of contents depending on your field. Moreover, leader board is the page where the rankings are listed. By the way leader board is being updated every day and the rankings are based upon to the buzzscores of the users.


Okay! I think I've done enough for the basics. Actually, I want to include the howS on this blog but this blog is long enough, anyways, I will try to answer the howS on my next blog. Kindly hit the subscribe button to be updated for my contents and hit that buzz to show support to my writings.

To my dear newbies, please keep in mind that asking won't bite, ask if you want to know more, there are some friendly users who are willing to guide you :) I hope that you learn something from this content. Enjoy your being a bitsers here! Welcome to bitlanders! ^_^

 Note: The content of this blog is my original work, PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Thank you for reading!

---> Shaiera :)


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