Friend ship

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Friend ship

Friend ship has been being a holy relationship between people since beginning of the world as its said live without friend is death without witness so it’s necessary to have a friend till when you face with a problem you can ask him for help .when you have a sorrow you can share it with him and when you want to make a big decision you can get his advice the same way of our prophet (S.A.W) when ever wanted to make a decision he consulted with his companion and his wife and he always respected their recommendation .

We are also in charge as his followers to fallow his way in our life in order to have spent our life joy filly.

But from other side in spite of all these good nesses that this relation ship has a gain it calls a lot of exactness to first identify what kind of friend you want to make and this is very important because  may be once you choose a person as a friend and later he turn out to be a robber an adicte and an orhen so in this case it would cost you so dearly as its said try afriend befor you trust him.

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Azada Nabizada was born in Herat Afghanistan. she is student in Hoza karbas high school.

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