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What friends means?

A: "I have thousands of friend!"
B: "You mean... on Facebook?"
A: "Yes! What Else?!"

Onestly.... We have tons of (internet) friends, but, are we really friends of our frineds?
How much do you know your contacts?
How many times did you said: "Hey, do you need help?" "Do you want to talk?"

I think i'm addicted to friendship, but the real one, the one with real people, let's say it, it's amazing knowing that there is someone who will run if you ask "help" or that he just listen to you when you want to talk.
But be sure that you can run too when someone calls. Listen when someone talks. Be there when someone cry.
Be a friend, a real friend of your friends.

Friendhip is Love, Friendship makes your life full, Friendship becomes Love.
Be Friend.

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