Friendship,the Strongest relation on Earth

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         Friendship is a relation of love and affection between two persons or a group of people.Friendship is a very sweet relation and is very strong if we take care of it.The friendship totally depends on our own attitudes and acts.It is different at different stages of life but the best thing about it is that it grows thicker and thicker with the passage of time.





         In childhood, it is just about sharing of toys and playing together.A parson has a lot of expectations from his/her best friend.To have no friend make our lives dull and emotionally damaging.A friendship is only maintained through love,care,sharing and affection.Making a friend is something to do things together,to share feeling with each other and by not making special plan to meet each other.





         But the friendship nowadays is quite meaningless because every other looks forward for their own benefits and they don't care whether there this attitude will create problems for their friends.It is well said by Washington:

             ''True friendship is a plant  of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversities before it is entitled to appellation.''





          To have a good and sincere friend is really a blessing of God.We should take care of our friends when they are ill because there is no replacement for it.Friends are the most important part of our lives because they believe in you when no one is with you,share your griefs and sorrows.Take care of your friends before distances come between your friendship....!!!!!






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