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The project Film annex, Francesco Rulli and I are putting together (G.I.V.E.)'s every veteran a chance or to put it in better words the break they all deserve. As for myself being part of the United States Marine Corps. has given me an enormous sense of pride. As my journey comes to an end with the military, still having a chance to help and provide opportunities to other vets returning into the civilian world is an honor and priveledge.

One of the hardest transitions for a combat vet to get re-introduced to in the civilian world is the non-understanding we normally get from civilians about what combat and war is like. As an experienced combat vet myself I see it as a chance for our countries vets to be able to open up more, and to trust what I have to say and to trust in the project we are offering all vets to participate in. Also they will be able to hear and also see the success this project has brought into my life.

The US military, as for myself I can only speak for the Marine Corps., has taught vets an undescribable work ethic, where there is no rest untill the mission is accomplished, how to perform in extreme conditions as in weather, sleep deprivation, low on food and water. Having to perform in these conditions have build vets into outstanding workaholics without them knowing. To offer veterens an opportunity to finally use their work ethic and educational skills they have aquired from peacekeeping endeavors in other countries to benefit themselves as well as society is a task I am fully giving my full work ethic to achieve.

 To (G.I.V.E.) back to my veterens, country, and family (G.I.V.E)'s me the sense of pride and motivation I felt everyday as a US Marine. I will continue always to strive for greatness and to provide the first clear path, for any business orientated Marine or combat vet to succeed in the things they see now as unrealistic. Society said for a human to fly is unrealistic, then the Wright brothers proved this to be wrong. Anything is possible and most combat vets clearly see from the impossibilities we have overcome on the battlefield.

 (G.I.V.E.) The Global Initiative for Veteran Entreprenuership project might seem a little far fetched as of now, so was the Wright Brothers first prototype. I trust in my Veterans and everything they have to offer, when I exit the Marine Corps, it would be as I said an honor and priveledge to build a successful business, mentorship program, and endless opportunity to offer every Veteran who has bravely sacrificed, fought and bled for our great country. They all more than deserve a break and a chance to have it all. I have posted four other US Marines' interviews with Film Annex on my Web TV page, also here is the link for the (G.I.V.E.) project's WebTV.


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