From a Taliban Member to a Regular Citizen

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More and more former Taliban members are turning themselves in and embracing the peace process initiated by the Afghan government. These men, former fighters and commanders are realizing the need to give up the weapons and work for the betterment of the country. As former Taliban commander, Noor Mohammad Jami puts it, the country is suffering because of the way in which the people are fighting each other.

Jami, a father and family man, has set up his own shop and his sons help him run it. The children also attend school and this gives him a sense of pride. And when not in his shop, Jami is busy solving problems of the village folks. He is often approached by the villagers and he is responsible for providing solutions as he works for the Afghan government’s Peace and Reintegration Process. Though secured, he says he regularly gets threats from the Taliban who accuse him of being a non-Muslim. He has been told that the Taliban has offered huge sums of money to those who can kill him or kidnap his children. These threats, however, have not deterred the man from continuing his work with the government. With a gun in tow, which he has been allowed by the authorities, he feels safe and happy going about the daily chores.

More and more former Taliban members are now joining the peace process and giving up their weapons. According to Jami, these men have the liberty to choose what they will pursue – a government job or a private business. And because of such flexible options, more and more people are joining hands with the lawmakers.

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