From Darkness Into Open Light: Eiénesis

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Hi! My name is Miguel Ángel Font Bisier and I´m a spanish filmmaker.

My main jobs are to direct, edit and create new audiovisual contents for clients (brands, music bands, majors) or for myself.

In this particular channel I´m going to upload all the videos that have to do with my most loved and toughest personal project: the 3NESIS fashion film trilogy (2010-2013).

When I started writing it I just finished university and found myself in the middle of nowhere. The Spanish crisis had taken away many of the opportunities for cinema and art in general, so I had no job, no contacts, nothing!

I realized I had to go through the path alone, with my resources and with my own budget as well.

People say that the "spark" comes out when difficult times come, and maybe that was my case.

So one day, talking on Facebook chat with a friend, the idea of Eiénesis - In Search of Light came to me. It was as simple as the idea of shooting how ideas come to people.

My friend encouraged me to produce it, I trusted my feelings and that´s how Eiénesis´heart started to beat. I started looking for people that, like me, were sons of the lost opportunities and had great talents; little by little I built the team (Joaquín Martínez, the fashion designer, did all the clothes exclusively for the movie, Maria José Belenguer, the soundtrack writer, composed the beautiful OST, etc).

Even Tono Sanmartín, a very famous stylist in Spain, agreed to work on the project, turning the initial tiny spark into such a big ray of light.

The shooting happened in the middle of a very hot July, at Teatro de lo Inestable, a small but very charming theater whose owner allowed us to use the space. It took us 1 day and a half to finish it. All the actors (Juan Carlos Serrano, Paula Ramos, Ada Aygües and Alba Ferri) were amateur, and for some members of the team it was their first time on a cinematographic production, but the result was wonderful.

 It was difficult fighting against the heat, the dresses made the models sweat and the make up had to be remade a couple of times... But we made it!


But, was the original idea to create a fashion film ? No.


I didn´t know what that was, I just felt that I had to shoot Eiénesis and release it from my brain and guts to the screen. It was during its premiere at a cinema theater in Valencia, that a fashion magazine covering the event classified Eiénesis for the first time as a FASHION FILM.

When I first read that description I started laughing (before Eiénesis I was mainly shooting horror and action projects, so the idea of me doing FASHION was a little bit odd).

So, from that moment (September 2010) I called 'Eiénesis - In search of Light' a Fashion Film, and little by little it started being screened here and there, in a lot of Spanish film festivals, some short film projections, until we won Proyecta Festival.

That encouraged the team, and the idea of continuing the saga started to come through my mind. It wasn´t until the international screenings when I realized that Eiénesis was a project that interested people. We were selected for La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2011 and another London Fashion Film Festival; the joy of the team and myself was tremendous, so we started thinking about 'Aeterna - In Search of Love...'

Read about Aeterna in the following article: "ART AND LOVE"

Meanwhile, here´s 'Eiénesis - In Search of Light':

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