Funny Stories , You Must Read (Part2)

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One day a man who was known to be very quiet and not saying much the arrival of a sales girl who will promote the beauty tools. The Sales it wanted to meet with the wife of the reticent man. The man said that his wife wasn't home.

"Oh, that's okay too, Sir," said the sales were not Allowed, "if I wait for your wife here?"

The sales guy was allowed to wait in the living room, after that the men leave the sales to three hours more.

For too long, the sales eventually feel restless and calling the men's landlord, "may I know roughly where the wife of Mr. go?"

"He went to the graveyard," replied the man.

"When will he come back?"

"I have absolutely no idea," said the man. "He's already been there for 11 years."


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