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In the all too brief time we have between the years I’ve taken 10 minutes out to take a look at our company Fuzzy Duck; to review the work the Ducks are producing and our future goals.

I think there is an element of vanity in every creative, whether it be winning awards or simply have your mum telling you what a good picture you’ve drawn. We all want people to like our work, and this drives the standard of quality in whatever we do.

In 2011 I finally caught a glimpse of the company I dreamt Fuzzy Duck could be. A year producing broadcast commercials for Sky Sports and music videos that have been televised the globe over. Alongside billboards, magazine and bus side campaigns that pack a punch, we’ve produced corporate work that both we and our clients love and importantly blow the socks of the other fella’s.

Being competitive is a trait that we encourage, however this shouldn’t appear ugly like we’re trashing anyone to get ahead. It’s simply a desire to get the client’s message out to the world, besides, honest messages communicated in a unique way speak for themselves.

Finally for those who haven’t seen our lovely little film Time & Tide made towards the end of the year, take a look and let us know what you think

This was a nice way to end 2011 and involving ourselves, our friends and family speaking and appearing in the film made it that little bit special. Thank you to to all our wonderful clients and to the two teams that merged in 2011 to make Fuzzy Duck a real force and provide even more creative options and experience.

The very best wishes for 2012.


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