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Earn with your Team

It is simple as pie. Each product on G2A.COM includes some information about how much you can earn by recommending it.

If someone clicks on your reflink  and after some time makes a purchase, the cookies will make sure that you receive the amount specified on the product page on the very day Person A placed the order.  is thus on level 1 relation to you as he or she made the purchase directly thanks to your reflink.

Level 1 relation means that you earn 100% of the amount specified on the product page. What is more, if the  creates his/her own reflink for another person  who consequently will make a purchase,  will enter the Second Level relation in your group of your group, allowing you to benefit 60% of the amount stated on the product page. Similarly, if recommends a product via reflink to yet another avid gamer  you will receive 40% of the amount specified on the product page since  will from now on be on third level relation in your group.


Social media make money!

How does it work? Think about it for a second. Let's say you have 400 friends (either in real or virtual world on such social media portals like Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter) and just 5% of them regularly buy games. Those 20 people are the key ones since they can earn money for you each time they purchase a new title. But that is not all. Consider what can happen if your friends start recommending Goldmine to others. If only they invite 20 people each your commission will grow to 400 people! Does that sound good enough? That's what we call the strength of unity when everybody can benefit equally.


Earn Money by means of Forum Discussion

Another great method you can use, are all sort of internet message boards. Almost every game has at least one, where people share ideas and their gaming passion. Do not hesitate, make an account, take part in discussions and become a part of the community – and once you find a suitable opportunity share the information about Goldmine.


Get richer by playing games

We all know how much time we spent on gaming :). And WE LOVE DOING IT!! Do not look around for strangers who might feel a bit harassed if nagged by random questions. Get to know them first! Find a cool guild with many great people, befriend them, spend time together and when you feel the right moment share your Goldmine information.


Know a Big Fish? A pile of cash is waiting.
Think for a moment if you know a:
  • Youtuber?
  • Blogger?
  • Website admin?
  • Message board moderator?
  • Streamer?
  • Website editor?
  • Someone who has a wide range of viewers?

They are the Big Fish! Muster the courage... Level 1 relation remember? If you manage to convince such a popular person with lots of subscribers/viewers, you will earn 60% of their Goldmine income. Level 1 relation, remember Or maybe this person is your friend’s friend? Tell him or her about Goldmine and make the connection work for you. In this case you will earn 40% of what the Big Fish earns. Level 2 relation if you remember.

Try to get into discussions. Wait for a good moment and only then share the info About G2A Goldmine.
Do Your best to make friends with everyone. Being nice and polite will make a huge difference. Ask people about places where They buy games. If You get any info – check that site and compare prices. It is You who have (has )an ace up your sleeve) :).
Note down all places where You posted reflinks. Go back there regularly, check if there was any feedback to Your post and answer questions.
The first and the most important rule – DO NOT spam! The most common mistake is making an account and posting in a random section of a forum. This method will get you banned not potentially profit.
Don't argue with people who don't like this programme. Respect Their opinion and focus on the people who share Your view and value the potential of G2A Goldmine.
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Register here: https://www.g2a.com/r/g2agoldminemakemoney