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Technology is changing rapidly, and it has the power to change our lives. Tech gadgets that have come in the market which can change our way of life and can make our work easier.

Today, you have to keep pace with time to take the help of the new-age Gadgets. Gadgets can easy your every job. Gadgets to help you understand the nuances of technology. The devices have changed our life. Know about some of these gadgets.

☼ Seagate backup plus ultra slim external hard drive ☼

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Because of more data external hard drives has become everyone's needs. The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra slim 1 Terabyte drive can be useful to you. It's just 9.6 mm thin. It has the Gold and Silver textured finish and stylish good looks Ambit Design. The small indicator light is engaged on top. A USB connection port has involved in its side. It offers Onedrive 200 GB online cloud storage for two years. It may come in handy drive both Windows and Mac. You can transfer 2 GB of files in just seconds. This drive is Compatible with Lyve software.

☼ Fitbit blaze bands ☼

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Perhaps you have heard the name of Fitbit. It is one of the biggest company in Wearable Fitness Business. Fitness Watch is one of the best fitness trackers in Fitbit Surge. It continuously monitors the heart rate. Now the company has launched the another Smart Fitness Watch. It is excellent regarding both hardware and software. The blaze has the color touch screen. Watch has presented the new faces and the animation. It was Single Piece Design of the surge; the Blaze has two parts-one detachable core and the second metal strip in the frame. With the help of the Core Blaze can be quickly charged. You just have to use the USB-charging cradle box. The strips can be changed, and many strips are available in markets. Blaze is consistent monitor heart rate. To monitor the activity and sleep it has 9-axis sensor. It uses GPS tracking of the phone. If you would like to map exercise route, you will have to keep connected to the phone. You can track running, biking, weight training, and treadmill. When you start to exercise, it detects the start of the exercise which you are exercising. The fit star Function of Watch shows animated workout using LED screen.

☼ Chromecast 2 & Chromecast Audio ☼

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In the name of wireless media streaming dongle, Chrome-cast is taken continuously. Now the second generation of Google Chrome-cast has landed. It comes with improved Design and chrome-cast audio. New chrome-Cast Design is circular instead of the simple stick. The main reason that it is circular in shape is a circle made arrange three antennas. It offers excellent wireless connectivity. Because of compact design, you can connect it to the wall mounted TV. It uses flexible HDMI cable. Chrome-cast can keep away from the port. It has the micro-USB port for power. It can charge with the help of the TV's USB port or from a mobile device charger. It supports WiFi 902.11-AC that means new Chromecast streaming is faster and less Buffering. Concerning HD content, the comparison to the first generation of Chrome-Cast it gives HD quality. Chrome Cast audio appears like Chrome cast two, but it has 3.5MM jack ports instead of HDMI. It can be connected to the home stereo system and amplified speakers system. It also supports device with RCA Optical connectivity. You will need to buy these cables separately. The process is easy to set up the device. You'll need to download the free Google Cast app for iOS and Android Phone.

Chromecast 2 & Chromecast Audio review ( YouTube courtesy)

☼ Audio Video System ☼

Pioneer's AVIC-AF60BT latest touch-screen audio-video system designed for three functions-- in-car entertainment, communication, and navigation. It comes in all standard 2DIN size. Through the Map My India unit, comes with the All India map and 3D landmarks. It works like any typical navigation device, which consists of Voice Guidance and 3D Junction view. It playback audio CD, DVD, and MP3 disc. It has the dual USB ports, SD card slot. It has the spitting image input. For hands-free communication can connect to any smartphone through the Bluetooth. The head unit will display the caller name and number. You can take calls with the help of car speakers. It also offers connectivity to any Android and iOS smartphones. You can download free apps to interface the wired connection unit with the smartphone. It is compatible with Mirror Link and Siri Eyes Free. It has features like 13-Band Graphic, Equalizer, USB high-definition video playback, dual video input and dual-zone audio/video playback. It can fit into the 2DIN slot. It can be enabled to work with the car's factory installed steering wheel controls. (Image source:

☼ Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard ☼

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If you want to rid out your computer table of wires, then you should use the wireless keyboard. The wireless keyboard is usually the only advantage that it is wireless. The Logitech Bluetooth keyboard now takes the next level. It is the only first desktop keyboard which has designed for working with three devices. It works over Bluetooth. So for the first time to use it is also necessary to connect with all the compatible Devices. Pairing is simple. Press a single button to pair. Search the keyboard on your device. When asked, type the numeric code on the keyboard. It has rounded corner buttons. Enough space between buttons. The typing feel is quite impressive. When you paired all the three of your devices; you can also quickly switch between the three. It is compatible with the Windows, Mac computers, Android and iOS mobile Devices. The shortcut keys are available for all Devices. It also has a rubber dock stand, which is compatible with any Phone or tablet. Below the keyboard, there is non-slip rubber Feet, power slider, and battery compartment available. It has two triple-A batteries.

☼ Smart Bulb ☼

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When we talk about home lighting, in India seen limited options for smart Internet of Thing Devices. Philips has introduced the smart hue bulb, but they are more costly. The new company cube-26 has launched the Smart Bulb IOTA Lite. It uses Toshiba LED, and its age is said to be 1500 hours. It also comes with Texas Instruments microprocessor and built-in Bluetooth. In India, the bulb E-27 (screw type) comes in the mount. So for using it you need a new lamp or an E-27 to B-22 (Bionet standard type) socket converter. After plug-in once, you will have to download the free app IOTA-lite and Turn on your Phone's Bluetooth. The app has a built-in search function, which shows your area (fifteen meters in distance) compatible IOTA-lite bulb. It has a tab to change the color mode, as well as incoming calls, SMS and can enable notifications for weather. It also has a tab for the music. With it, the bulb reacts according to the music.

IOTA Lite: Your First Step Towards A Smart Home (Video Source YouTube)

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