Games are Essential of Man with Education

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Games Are Essential of Man With Education

The man is the most beautiful creation of God. He is beautiful as well as the most complicated being in the world. When we talk about a person’s development, it does not mean just intellectual development.

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Basically, there are three domains of a man’s development.

(i) Cognitive          

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(ii) Affective      

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(iii) Psychomotor        

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Our classroom and our bookish knowledge promote the learning of cognitive and affective domains. But for a proper development progress of all three domains is necessary. For the development of psychomotor domain, games are necessary.

There is a famous saying: “There is a sound mind in a sound body”.

So far a proper development we cannot ignore our physical health. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. With, a dick body we cannot complete even a simple task.

The Video I am going to share with all of you is amazing and will proof my Topic. Please must watch here under below↓

How playing sports benefits your body ... and your brain - Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh

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Among all recreations games are excellent pastimes. Men may get bored from following the professional life routine. He needs some change some refreshment, something which gives him relaxation and excitement. And games are excellent to provide this excitement to man. Games provide him means of escape from the dull routine. It provides him diversion.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”


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Games are best means of exercise. Games are best to keep our body fit. It improves our blood circulation, expands our lungs and makes us strong. In this way, games play double role exercise as well as recreation. A sound health and a sound body are necessary to face the challenges of life. So we should take care of our body through the beautiful way of playing games.

Games provide a chance to be close to nature. In this mechanical age we get a chance to breath in natural atmosphere. Games not only involves physical learning it also involves the development of cognitive and affective skills. During games a person gets mental training.


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The most important moral quality learned through games in tolerance or patience. He learns how to make space among others and also how to give space to others. The practice of shaking hands with victorious opponent makes him a strong person. Strong enough to face the failure of life with smiling face, such a person becomes enable to bear the “slings and sorrows” of fortune.


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Team work is best inculcated in human beings through games. It is motivating for shy persons. It develops a sense of collaboration, altruism and socialization.


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Games teach how to obey as well as how to command. It develops the necessity of always obeying the orders of the leaders. As well as it creates the qualities of leadership. It taught how to lead and manage a team. Every game has some own rules and regulations. Players have to follow them; this practice helps them to learn punctuality and regularity of habits. Honestly, integrity and justice are best inculcated by games.

Here I am presenting a vedio about Balancing in sports and education.


Balance between sport and education

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Due to all importance of games society and government should make it a part of education. There should be proper play grounds for the students to play. There should be proper development of the personality of a child including intellectual mental, spiritual and physical development.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear- Buddha”.

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