Generation B yr15 for bitcoin sources

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I want to share to the readers and members of bitcoin ad sites . These ad sites are another grouping  for getting free bitcoins i called it "Generation B yr15" . Its great to get free bitcoins if you dont have that enough dollars to invest on.  


> Get Paid Books - A site for anybody to spent time on.  If your a book worm and would like to read any book based on your interest then this site is for you.  Before,  you read to know more information and be equip or be entertain  now you read for free,  books you want, you wont buy these books.  But the ad site pays you to read the books. You will be paid with bitcoins which you can exchange for dollars. 


> rotator  - a micro payment and ad site , it is also a rotator for many faucet sites. Being a rotator it has affiliate sites that you can click on and earn from your activity.  You can also add your ad site affiliates cause you can have your own rotator and share it with others.  Since it is a micro payment ad site,  it saves you from transferring bitcoin earnings to your wallet everytime you earn on clicking.. Just click on the rotator and you will see all the affiliates site within and have your bitcoin earnings accumulates. 


>Plinko faucet  -  an ad site that gives you a game that so simple to play. It pays you with bitcoins and you can do your activity for every few minutes. A worthy site to spent time on. 


>Treebitcoin faucet - Grow up  with the bitcoin tree and harvest . First of course you have to register . Put on your bitcoin wallet, email address and password.  When you grow a tree it will give you bitcoin  then collect a good harvest by your activity and referrals. 


>Icebitcoin  -  a bitcoin faucet  that gives you bitcoin , just enter your bitcoin wallet address and solve the captcha  and earn your bitcoin , come back for a few minutes then earn again, and again. 




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