GEO TV Enemy Of State

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On April 19th April 2014 Hamid Mir was attacked in Karachi. Attack on Hamid Mir is also condemned by civil society as well as by DG ISPR. We all should stand together in solidarity with him & his family. After this incident an unexpected thing happened, Geo TV network repeatedly aired portrait of the ISI and its chief & accused him that he was responsible for the attack on Hamid Mir. They actually targeted our institutions (Pakistan Army and ISI).

One thing here is very important that countries all around the world carry out various restrictions on freedom of speech because in most cases this freedom is misused by anti-nation elements which may lead to a negative effect on the public. It’s happening in Pakistan that some journalists are defaming our national institutions. They are working on foreign agenda. It’s a new trend in Pakistan that Journalists talk about morality but they fail to follow it. They are more loyal to the master by whom they get paid. This is not journalism in fact this is yellow journalism.


Indian media took advantage of this scenario by supporting GEO TV’s anti-state statements. I think being a Pakistani, National integrity should come first before that so called ‘freedom of expression’. Institutions should have to act in their own defense. DG ISPR said “no one should have doubts about army’s conviction about legal course of action. Says one media group cannot taint image of national institution. PM orders formation of three-member judicial committee to probe attack on journalist Hamid Mir. GEO is anti-state and spreading false propaganda against our own national institutions.

We demand a ban on GEO TV network officially. GEO is giving priority to money over national interests. If attack on Hamid Mir is shameful then attack on Pakistan Army and ISI should be charge for high treason.

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