Germany settled in the famous city of Europe

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Hamburg, Germany European cities, experts drafted a small dynamic model walks of life, many of which appear to hit the ground running and be surprised to see him become.

Smaller models in the German city of Hamburg's nightlife in the cities except for the models can also be viewed in their original form passing the cities, population, housing, gardens, buildings and traffic is also shown significant but Most models such motion in each scene as if he put the information at the time of night flying small aircraft runway appear to fill when the night here, and the people resorts sprung The walk begins.

Experts in the creation of real life which is color shown both joy and sorrow, the model can also be viewed accidents in the city include the addition of a building which can be seen immediately after the fire breaks normal life in this model is the fire brigade arrived at the scene siren plays.

The beauty of the models considered by experts in the icy mountains of Switzerland has also shown significant impressions of the US and Scandinavia, and their population can be found in their national costumes. The striking thing about these models is that the buttons you moving traffic in this small town can control themselves and can move things.

Towns in these models seem to paint everyday people cut down trees at a place where the trees can be seen on the ground outside the homes in the US Christmas tree lights shining look. Experts of the city of Rome, Italy, to make a part of the city since it was built thousands of photos.

This innovative creation of experts 'small wonder Tools' is called the Miniature Wonderland, which is currently the major cities of Europe in a few parts of the model is shown that in the next stage France and other cities in Europe will be made and then Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia will be working on.

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