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Cash flow Per Click or EPC allows affiliates to acquire commissions from their partners. Attractive as it may seem, EPC is in fact anchored on an average associated with 100 clicks. It is calculated based on the commission rate because of the affiliate, divide it by total number of ad ticks of, and the result is increased by 100.

Ad ticks of refer to the visitors’ ticks of on the banners, text hyperlinks, and advertisements in your internet site.

With EPC being extremely dependent on the number of clicks, a person, as an affiliate would be happy to see an increasing number of visitors for the site. The advent of social media marketing has helped affiliates consider new and better ways of gather more clicks plus sales. Facebook, in particular, provides 1 . 19 billion month-to-month active users which is alot of cash when translated in terms of EPC.

Gethotlikes aims to help you accomplish this.


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