Get lost in a strange place

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If ever, you suddenly get lost or just unjustifiably go the long road in some terribly exotic place for you, well, like "first time in Bangkok" or there in slum lanes between shopping districts of Saigon or somewhere else in the center Morocco: Do not panic and fuss.


Yes, all this unusual, unexpected and alien suddenly envelops you, thickens to the state of a dense clue around; heat, smells, noise, a crowd of people, rhythms, colors, contrast light! Maybe even your sense and control organs will go into a state of turmoil and you will understand that right here and now you do not know where to go, where the hell is the north and from which side the moss grows stronger on tree trunks!


Know it - it's great, it's just super - you're lucky and the spirit of the place condescends to you: it broke all your stupid protective barriers, dipped you into your reality and now you become part of it, merge into one transcendental moment with the universe that is now boiling around you. And this place will remain with you - forever.


Nothing terrible will happen: just keep walking, open your eyes and feelings wider, try to get the most out of all this. Then you will find yourself and go where you went ... But it is at this wonderful moment that you become much, much richer! And your personality will become more: the whole city / area / district or what else can there be - envious how fully you will be able to feel the moment and place.


Then, when you are very far away both in space and time, you will suddenly realize that suddenly the echo of that moment will flash in you, the echo of the place will invisibly enliven that city inside, awaken those sensations and then you will understand. Understand what the hell l it was necessary at that time to go there and so silly to wander (and maybe not by accident and not stupid and you all wanted to) and lose so much time and energy. In exchange, you will get much, much more. and grow.


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