Get More Affiliates and Revenues With The New Film Annex Registration Box

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When you visit Film Annex without being logged in, a registration box appears at the top right of the main page so non-users can join Film Annex.

This registration box now appears on each blog and video page and will be linked to the user whose content appears on the page, as part of our Affiliate Program.

For example, if someone joins the platform through the registration box on this page, which is a blog written by filmmaker Lisa Stock, this user will be counted as one of her affiliates. This user will then start earning revenues based on his/her BuzzScore, while Lisa Stock will receive 20% of those revenues, as part of our Affiliate Program.

This will benefit the users with the best and most content, as well as those who add a clear call for action in their blogs or videos for people to register through their pages. The more blogs and videos you have, the most likely you will be to get new affiliates.

To check how well your affiliates are doing and to invite your friends to join the platform, visit the "Earn More" page accessible through the drop-down menu (symbolized by a wheel in the beta on the top right).

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