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Who knew it was so easy to merge dance and fashion? “Move” directed by French-born “Master of Movement,” Dominique Palmbo is a fashion film is bound grab the attention of people from various walks of life.  Whether you’re into fashion, music, dance or videography, this is a piece you’ll love. The film earned “Best Picture” and “Best Music” at the 2011 La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in California.

The film was shot to showcase Rachel Roy’s Spring 2011 collection but is much more than simply a fashion show.  The dancers/models grow from refined ballet, to free-spirited modern dance to lively hip-hop movements. Two years later, it’s still a great way to get the blood flowing. If you need something to get you up out of your seat and moving, I suggest bookmarking this 5-minute film to your bookmarks. It’s a great way to get your day started.

In addition to Jermaine Browne’s awesome chorography, the visuals make the movements that much more fluid. It’s hard not to see the videography as an art form itself. In his biography, Palmbo says that working with dancers “has opened [his] mind to new ways seeing movement and discovering how riveting it can be.”

 Discover this feeling for yourself. Check out “Move” on My Web TV and get moving.

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