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Socializing site became the most visited platform in internet and one of this socializing site is facebook. People spend most of their time at facebook compare to other website. Why people prefer to stay and have fun at socializing site? They are enjoying making friends, chatting with other people and making their own business. Socializing site the connects people from different part of the world and this became the trending activities online. However, one platform that change the way you look towards socializing site. This time, you will get paid by sharing your thoughts, connecting with other people world wide and making friend

Arvind and Jason launched unique platform that helps individual connected and at the same time making money for a living. 
Bubblews is a unique platform that allows everyone to join without investment. Its a place where everyone are free to share their thoughts in form of writing articles. Earning from this site is like working in a company, but it does not requires for your to work 8 hours a day.
If you have something to share to the world, and if you have any tips to share to people around the world, bring it on to bubblews. In here, you get paid every socialize your made.
There are several people who earned from this platform for good, they are earning $1,400 in 3 monthsor even more.
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