Getting Familiar with LabView and Speedy-33 ToolKit(DSP)

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“Getting Familiar with Lab view & Speedy-33”


The hardware used in this lab is speedy-33 DSP Board and the software support the hardware is Lab View 8.6.

Lab View Main Tasks:


  • Instrument Simulation of real world
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Manipulation
  • Hardware Interaction


  • The First Step is to connect the speedy-33 device with PC and then we launched lab view two windows opened block diagram window and a front panel
  • In the control panel >control pallet>switches>toggling switch>right click>properties>change the name>Boolean>toggling switch>indicator>Indicator>LED>label changed>properties>LED name >OK.
  • In the block diagram we implement the circuit and then we saved it and then we clicked on the RUN button and it run one time, for continuously running a while loop is used.

Implementing an LED blinking circuit:

Goal is to ADC & DAC:


We launched Lab View8.6>target>DSP project>next>next>Target Type>Speedy-33>Finish by click on finish two windows opened Block Diagram and Front Panel

  • Block diagram>Right Click>elementary I/o’s>analog>input>right click>properties>sample rate=48000>gain=4>analog output>properties>and the save it>run>preparing to download.

For continuous running a while loop is used which can be applied as block diagram/view/function pallet/structure/while loop/save/run

  • Now the turn for Front panel to be used, right click on front panel>graph>wave form graph>block diagram>connect with input.
  • As shown in snapshots.




Variable gain and fixed sampling rate=48000

Gain= 10, Sampling rate= 48000

Gain= 4, Sampling rate= 48000     

   Gain= 1, Sampling rate =48



It is clear from the above graphs that by changing gain while setting the sampling rate same the amplitude changes randomly at every point so gain effects frequency.


2nd signal with variable sampling rate and sampling frequency=36000

Fs=36000, gain=1

Fs=36000, sampling rate=256, gain=1

Fs=36000,sampling rate=1024,gain=1



By changing sampling rate we are approaching towards original signal which is sampled.


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