Getting In And Out Of Central Jail, Dhaka (Episode 1)

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Dear All,

Have you Ever Been To Central Jail, Dhaka? If Yes, Then You Know What's There. If No, Then You'll Find This Topic At Least As A Micro Source Of Know-How!

Yesterday, 23rd February 2015 It Was One Year Since I Came Out Of Jail For The First Time Of My Life (Hope It's My Last Though!). I Used To Work In A Non-Licensed Manpower Agency Situated In Nayapaltan, Dhaka. The Root Business Of This Organization Was to Supply Housemaids To GULF Countries, They Take Very Less From The Housemaids, But Gets Paid For their Job When A Housemaid Arrives Their Country. In A Sense, This Is Patriotism, But You Need A License For Anything You Do Can Be named As "Business" Which This Company Didn't Have. These Offices Always Have Enemies (Mostly competitors) Who Are Always Behind The Ass Of Other Companies So that Only They Pull The String Of the Business And Others Just Lag Behind.
I Never Knew, In the Office I'm Working, Don't Have The License to Do Business In this Trade. The Enemy Of My Office Boss Bribed The Detective Branch Of Police With At Least 200,000 BDT To Send Us In Jail For Just Any Reason. So, They Came To My Workplace As They Wants To Send Housemaid, They Have Some Passport To Offer us. They Asked Me First, As I Work in the Outsider Room Of the Office, The Entry Door Is Close To My Office. I Addressed The Owner Of the Office, Told Him To Meet My Boss and Discuss This Regard. He Was Asking Me Too Many Questions, Some Seemed To Be Irrelevant To What I Know. So, I Wanted To Remain Safe. After Some Moments, He Went To The Boss To Talk. The Boss Was Answering With Care, Because, Like Me, He Got The Message That, There's Something Wrong..... By The Way, The Questions Got Into Interrogation Category And After Some Moments, The Total Team of 6 Detective Police Enters Into Office And One of them Holds My Hand Tight, Brought A Pistol From The Hip Holster, Targeted And Attached It To My Head And Ordered Me To Tell As Much Truth As I Know About This Company. I Felt Like, After Few Days, I'll Leave The Company Either, So, As Much As I Can Say That Avoids My Involvement With This Trade, I Told The truth.....

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