Getting Married Comes With A Special Price

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Wedding is such a wonderful event for couples who are so deeply in love with each other. By getting married, you are specially bonded together by the Church and you get the blessing of God which is essentially important. It is indeed every woman's dream to get married to the man of their dreams. Who would not want it anyway?

The thing about it is that, it's really expensive. If you want to make it special, you really have to spend fortunes for it. Starting from the Church, the venue for the reception including the catering, the photographer and videographer, souvenirs, hair & make up, the bridal gown and the gown of the closest people included in the entourage, everything comes with a price. Oh let's not forget the wedding ring! It really is indeed pricey but since it happens only once in a lifetime, I wouldn't mind spending much for it.

What are your thoughts about spending for wedding?




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