Getting To Know MannyTheMovieGuy

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So yesterday, I came across MannyTheMovieGuy's profile here in bitlanders. And as I look at his avatar, I noticed that his nose is quite familiar. Similar to that of Allan K.'s nose. If you're a Filipino, then you probably know him. Haha.

And then I went across his movies section and watched some of his movie reviews. And there I saw how he really looks in real life for the first time. And I must say, I'm really amazed because his avatar and his real self is really alike in so many terms! =)) See the picture below and judge it yourself. 

If I could only customize my avatar in a way where I could really make it look like me, I will! But unfortunately, I've mixed and matched all the features and none of those matched my look. I guess that feature is only for celebrities and royals of Bitlanders because their avatars are sketched personally by their graphic artist or whatever you want to call it. LOL

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