Gigantic Efforts to Solve World’s Energy Crisis

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What’s comes first in your mind if anyone asks about to solve energy crisis? You might think of using renewable energy or go green. But is it really possible to attain 100% green lives by dropping use of fossil fuels? What are Fossil Fuels? Fossil Fuels are energy sources which are developed over millions of years within the earth. These fuels are considered as non-renewable fuels because these are formed naturally that take millions of years to form.

These energy sources include natural gas, oil and coal which we use in our daily life to meet daily necessities. Fossil fuels energy is used to fuel our vehicles, and for daily use appliances. Now the bottom-line is that fossil fuels are used daily in life and we mostly dependent on it. So, is it possible to avoid the use of these fuels cent percent? Or what alternative is best?

Many claims the survival without fossil fuels is sounds impossible. But there are some of the islands that contradict the saying’s and prove with their giant efforts that fossil fuels free lives are possible at some extent. You know the grounds of impossibility somewhat exists until no efforts are made. Someone rightly said if you don’t do, you can’t know. Let’s quickly see how these Islands attempt to control energy crisis and what we can do to solve this crisis.

What Is World Energy Crisis?

The world energy crisis is the concern of limited natural energy sources which are mostly used to power industrial and household society. The demand of these natural non-renewable resources is high but supply is limited. This energy crisis matter is really need care about to secure the future generation from energy shortage.  

Daily in news lot of times we heard about the rising prices of fuels and just by saying HO! Show a little bit concern. But ever we try to understand the roots. You know the rising prices of fuels are not just concern to increasing expenses rather it’s also high alerts of energy crisis. Here, the principle of supply and demands grasps means if supply of fuels decreases as per demand the prices of fuel will rise.

But why supply decrease? As already mention the fossil fuels are non-renewable energy because takes millions of years to forms. But today the demand of fuels are increase highly that’s the reason viable reserves are depleting faster than the new one are being formed.

The international organizations estimate suggests if the consumption of fossil fuels continues at present rate then the reserves of fossil fuels will not viable longer. Is energy crisis result of increasing demand? Yeh, its right with advancement of technology the use of fossil fuels also increases. But the causes of crisis are not limited here. Let’s briefly see the various causes of energy crisis.

The Increasing World Population
• Aging Infrastructure of Power Generating Equipments
• Wastage Of Energy
• Less Use or Unexplored Renewable Energy
• Natural Calamities
• Wars
• Gap Between Supply and demand of energy
• Over-consumption

These causes are the major reasons of energy crisis. Now, is there any alternative of fossil fuels? What is being done today? Is there any possible solution of the energy crisis? These are the questions which might arise in conscious mind. Let’s discuss.

Renewable Energy – Alternative of Fossil Fuels

The best answer or alternative for non-renewable fuels energy is renewable energy sources. What is this renewable energy sources? The renewable energy sources are which can be replenished quickly and can be used again. 

Over the last many years the prominent energy sources are non-renewable sources because of their easy and economical use. But with time the demand for energy increases but their resources are running out. That’s to overcome these energy crisis scientists time to time are exploring the renewable energy sources for future.


The renewable energy, which is also called green, clean or infinite energy, is produced from natural resources air, water and sun light. In simple words, the energy sources which are carbon-neutral and can be easily replenish known as renewable energy. Basically renewable energy includes wind, hydro power, solar, biomass and geothermal sources. But a decade ago renewable energy resources faced a mounting battle. Many claims it is not feasible for high populated countries to meet all their energy needs from the renewable resources plus these sources are costly as comparison to convention ones. Unlike fossil fuels winds and sun light cannot be stored and change climates can make it hard to generate electricity for everyone. 

 Renewable energy may be at present cost high but it may be economical viable in near future. Many global initiatives are working to resolve the energy crisis with clean alternatives. But toady, even after the rising debates about renewable energy, the world’s environmentally-minded Nations boost uphold of alternative resources. With their gigantic efforts leads a way to fossil fuels free future and just on the way to prove the world doesn’t need fossil fuels. Let’s quickly discuss about these

5 Countries And Their Giant Efforts Toward Renewable Energy

1. Costa Rica

In 2007 the Costa Rica set goal to be carbon-neutral by 2021.In April 2015, the Costa Rica crossed a important millstone and pass the first 75 days of 2015 without using any fossil fuels to produce electricity. And now Costa Rica is on the path of carbon neutrality. Today the country is operated better and 85% of electricity is generated from hydro capacity and the 30% of Costa Rica’s primary energy is made with sustainable energy. This move away from fossil fuels will also aid no harm to lush jungles and beaches that will help to protect the nature. The Costa Rica one of the renewable energy source is utilizing rain water and also use geothermal, solar, and wind for generating energy.

2. Denmark: -

For sustainable economic growth, Denmark govt. in 2011 announced the “2015 energy strategies” with agenda to be a state of green or fossil fuels free by 2050. Since the 1980, the Denmark leads in the development of sustainable technologies and solutions. The Denmark 425 of electricity demand is produced from wind turbines a clean source.


3. Sweden: -

The Prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven, announced they plan to invest millions into green and renewable energies and works to be one of the first fossil fuel Free State. In 2010 the Sweden advance biomass energy strategy has been so successful that it today produces more energy from biomass than fossil fuels.

4. Finland: -

Wind power energy quickly reduces the green houses gas emission and renovating the energy needs in Finland. In 2012 almost 34.3% of the energy is produced from renewable energy and these efforts are moving on progress. It is expected in 2020 it will produce 40% of their energy needs from renewable sources.

5. Scotland: -

The Scottish govt current policy is to decarbonize the energy generation by 2050. Now days Scotland is using winds power to produce energy and almost generate 100% energy to meet household needs.


Besides of these 5 environmental-minded countries, the European Union also targets by 2020 to generate about 20% of energy through renewable sources. And also aims to reduce carbon footprints by 80-95% by 2050. The world’s almost all countries are putting forward steps to adopt renewable energy to resolve the energy crisis. 

All these are efforts made by environmental minded countries to save the generation from energy crisis and to protect from global warming. Yes, energy crisis is not only limited reason to use renewable energy rather the use of fossil fuels transmit harmful gases (know as greenhouse gas) in environment. The burning of fossil fuels emits greenhouse gas in the environment. It was estimated that around 21.3 billion tones of Carbon Dioxide is trasmitted but only half of it is absorbed by natural process. These increase the environmental pollution and contribute to global warming.

Now it’s time to join the hands with govt efforts to save the nation from energy crisis and from global warming.  To gain this agenda it is the demand of time to change our lifestyle. Our collective efforts can contribute huge to solve the concern and for this we have to make witness of our own lifestyle change to protect the nation from energy and environmental crisis. Let’s discuss some of the possible solutions

What We Can Do? - Potential Solutions for Energy Crisis

Energy crisis is serious concern which is ongoing and getting worse even after many progressive efforts. Why? The reason is lack of collective efforts to understand the cause and solutions of energy crisis. Many global initiatives are working toward to resolve the world energy crisis. But, are their efforts alone to resolve the concern sufficient? Most of the people don’t feel connected to the concern until they are care about future and health. And the best way to consider the reality of energy crisis is to have a far sight. Many possible solutions present but lack of adoption. Why so? The real reason is demanding change in lifestyle. The existing dilemma of energy can be resolved by reducing the demand of fossil fuels. There are two possible ways to reduces the use of fossil fuels

  • Lessen the demand of energy
  • Raise the supply Or more use of renewable energy


To achieve theses two agenda’s we need to change our preferences. And if we really care about future and nature then our collective affords can prove a blessing for having eco-friendly environment and to save our future from critical crisis.  


How can Lessen the Daily demand of Energy   

The demand of energy varies because of seasonal, temporal and economical factors. But the question remain same - how can use less energy? Let see some possible efforts to reduce the use of energy in daily lifestyle.

1. Shop energy efficient products: - 

In market there is huge availability of the energy efficient products. These energy efficient products consume less watts of electricity, last longer and can help to save the energy if everyone uses these energy efficient items for household and commercial purpose. In the market lot of energy efficient products are available that can help to consume less energy + save electricity bills. View some of the energy efficient product


you can buy certified energy efficient products from the market. These products consume about 20% less energy. view more products here.

2. Use Mass Transit or public transportation: -

If in Your area public transportation is available try to use this option then your personal vehicle to save the energy. This will aid to reduce the use of fuel. And try to buy hybrid vehicles for personal use as these can be operated with electric motor or gasoline.

3. Determine & reduce the domestic carbon footprints: - 

The Household Carbon Calculator can aid you to estimate the household greenhouse gas release. With this gadget you can know the exact root of greenhouse gas secretion in your house. And you can take the effective steps to reduce the carbon footprints of your household. This will aid you to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Meantime you will also aware if your household infrastructure or daily use items need any type of repairing and replacement.

4. Make Your Home Green: -

If you have spare place then use for plantation. Plantation will help to make the environment green plus this will also help to keep home cool in summer with winds and hot in winter with sun rays. This will aid to reduce the use of electricity.

5. Stop wastage of water & electricity: -

As much as possible try to use less water and electricity. Avoid unnecessary wastage. You know 1 kw/h of electricity can be generated only with 95 liter water. Now think if you stop water wastage and use optimally how much can contribute. This save water and electricity can be used for progressive efforts.

6. Have vegetarian diet: -

Being a vegetarian is a great help of nature to protect it from harmful effects plus aids to less use of household energy. You know live stock companies consume much natural resources then agriculture sector and constantly polluting the nature. Veggies cook more quickly the meat based diet and this can help to use less fossil fuels.

More Use of Renewable Energy


The right solution to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels is to raise the demand for renewable energy. Fossil fuels alternatives are not just to resolve the future energy crisis but also required to stop the global warming. The Increased awareness about the fossil fuels posed burning risks leads to demand of renewable energy. Time to time govt. also grants incentives to make energy efficient homes. And many production companies start making renewable energy products for household to commercial use. We need to aware about the benefits of these sustainable products. So we can make proper use these products in household and commercial needs. See some of the renewable products items.


you can buy online lot of another daily use household and commercial use items made with renewable energy. View following links to view more renewable products.

Now it’s a right time to put forward steps for efficient use of energy and save environment. Time to time Government forced rules and regulation to reduce the use of fossil fuels. If we all join hands with the efforts the problem itself will be solved half. We can also contribute funds to organizations working toward the energy sustainability projects.




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