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Since I was a child I was fond of watching basketball on TV and cheering for my favorite team. Last year, I saw the representative of our country for 27th FIBA Asia Basketball which is Team Gilas. After series of battles of Team Gilas at 27th FIBA Asia Basketball Championship. and now i can wait for the preliminary round for Gilas Pilipinas will be held in Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo in Seville, Spain with schedule as follows: August 30, 2014 – Philippines vs Croatia; August 31, 2014 – Philippines vs Greece ;September 1, 2014 – Philippines vs Argentina; September 3, 2014 – Philippines vs Puerto Rico; September 4, 2014 – Philippines vs Senega. Let’s support our country’s pride, Team Gilas as they reach their dream in making it to the top of the battle for 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup this coming August 2014 at Spain. How i wish that i can watch this from my cable.. haizt!.

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